The best racing competitions in the world

The world of racing can be somewhat complicated because there are so many different types of racing. This leads to all sorts of debate about which the best racing competition in the world is. In reality there is no way that this can be determined since the series are so different it is impossible to make a comparison. Regardless it is widely agreed the series listed below are the top contenders for the best racing competition.

f1The best racing competition in the world is probably Formula One. This is the series that determines the World Champion and which attracts all of the best drivers. The cars that are used in Formula One are all custom built and are very high tech, in fact they have more in common with the aerospace industry than they do with the car industry. The result is a racing series that requires hundreds of millions of dollars to run a top team for a season. Formula One is by far the most popular racing series in the world although it does not have a particularly large following the United States.

The racing series that has the biggest following in the US is NASCAR. This is stock car racing, although the cars themselves are far from stock. NASCAR is largely the complete opposite of Formula One. Where Formula One cars are far more technologically advanced than the average the car a NASCAR is actually less sophisticated than the average family car. While they may not be high tech NASCAR offers very close racing and very high speeds. The result is that NASCAR events are very well attended making it one of the most popular racing series.

Indy cars are probably the next best racing competition in the world. Over the last twenty years or so they have largely waned in popularity but they still have an extensive following and a very competitive series. The name comes from the fact that they are the cars that race at the Indianapolis 500, although there is now a full series of races. The cars look similar to Formula One cars but they are not as sophisticated. For most of their history Indy cars where the most popular type of racing in the US but they have now been eclipsed by NASCAR.

MotoGP is the next series on our list of the best in the world. This is the top racing series for motorcycles and determines the world champion. The bikes that are used are quite sophisticated and reach very high speeds. The sport has an enormous following although it is much more popular in Europe and Asia than it is in the United States. All of the top motorcycle racers compete in MotoGP making it one of the most competitive racing series in the world.